Jonny B’s is 5

A quick note from Kav:

“In October, Kav Kavanagh, rock ‘n’ roll dance teacher and event organiser, celebrated the 5th anniversary of Jonny B’s, a monthly dance held at the club for the past 4 years. The East Finchley Constitutional Club has been a favourite with dancers who enjoy the beautiful garden, the handy bar, the comfortable seating and, above all, the dancefloor.

Recently Kav moved his weekly class, on Wednesday’s at 8.30, to the Club. It is an easy place to make new dancers especially feel relaxed and welcome. Kav praised the club saying, ‘It is friendly, and has a nice atmosphere with a  feeling of being at home. A lot of people say that it’s like having a party in your living room.’
To try out the class or Jonny B’s, give Kav a ring on 07721489489 or drop him a line on

Thanks Kav!


Upcoming Events in September

As a reminder we have two of our most popular events happening this month:

21st September – Quiz Night @ £2 entry

28th September – Music Night @ £7 entry. Music provided by ‘The Ardee Band’ we had earlier this year with a mix of Irish, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Tickets available now with a limited number available on the night. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Family Open Day

Thanks to all that made it to the Family Open Day in July and special thanks to the Hosts Pat and Mike (who run the entertainment on the main stage at the East Finchley Festival). It was free and open to everyone. The day started at three and carried on till early evening with plenty of music provided by people in our community.

We enjoyed the day and welcomed a few new members to the club, we hope to run another event soon. If you would like to join the club please contact us.


The Summer came!

Come and enjoy the garden at the Club.  A great place to sit and enjoy the sun with a cool and refreshing drink! We have new furniture including a swinging seat and the garden has been well maintained by Gary.

We have some new additions for or members with young families including two new ‘swingball’ games and a slide and swing combo seen below!

We look forward to seeing you soon!